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Strategic Growth Services

I help companies grow their digital media businesses through organic growth initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, business development, marketing, and new product launches. Some of the services I can provide include:

  • Launching new digital lines of business and revenue streams
  • Spinning up new vertical media brands
  • Building and launching new digital products, platforms, and tools
  • Business development and partnership opportunities
  • Audience growth strategies and tactics
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • M&A evaluation, due diligence, and integration planning

Operating Challenges and Enhancements Advisory Services

I work with some of the largest media companies as well as start-ups and growing mid-sized businesses on improving operations and the overall performance of their digital media businesses.

  • Revenue diversification and optimization
  • Revenue Operations (sales, marketing, and programmatic)
  • Content/Editorial planning and team development
  • Data collection, analysis, and activation
  • Product and technology strategy, operations, and vendor management
  • Operational efficiencies across departments, initiatives, or brands
  • Brand synergies and opportunities for collaboration

Digital Business Assessments

Digital Media Business Assessment and Recommendations – One way I often begin work with clients is a high-level analysis of their digital business. This project involves digging into business data, interviewing stakeholders, and conducting an assessment of the state of their digital business. Typically this assessment will measure against industry benchmarks, assess current capabilities (editorial, sales, marketing, product, technology), and offer suggestions for improvements. At the end of this project, I deliver a comprehensive report that can be used as a guide for planning out a business strategy. Additionally, I often make introductions and recommend vendors, partners, and advertisers, as appropriate and needed. The recommendations in the report often lead to other strategic or operational projects, but just as often identify other partners or internal capabilities better suited to help with next steps. This type of project typically works well when focused on one growth area, but could be adapted for various circumstances. 

Deep Dive Digital Media Business Assessment and Recommendations- Like the project above, I would assess the digital media business and make recommendations for improvements and growth. In this case, I would spend about a month diving deeper into all aspects of the digital media business, as I would in an ongoing digital advisory role. I would spend the first couple of weeks learning all about your business and then identifying pain points and opportunities. I would spend time understanding and assessing audience growth, marketing, product improvements, revenue generation, business development, editorial positioning, and business operations. Out of this assessment, I frequently identify multiple opportunities to start on right away and longer-term opportunities for growth. A recent client was so happy with the results they have engaged me on an ongoing basis to manage the recommendations’ execution.